Play Pokemon Go APK Update 0.69.0 with Nox App Player!

Nox Pokemon Go 0.69.0 Update

{**UPDATED on July 18th**} Still searching for the best way to Play Pokemon Go 0.69.0 in Nox App Player’s version? Well, we are here with a solution for the same! First off, you need to remove the older version of Nox App Player and install Bluestacks latest version. Because Bluestacks has come up with a solution to play Pokemon Go 0.69.0 on PC or laptop. You can download Bluestacks by clicking below button

Bluestacks Download

To do so, download Nox from above-given download button now! This is just for Windows users, Mac users please wait for few more days for the official release. Once you download the latest version of Nox on your PC, you need to follow the below-given steps to make sure that you make the most out of the Pokemon Go 0.69.0 APK update!

Pokemon GO Nox Update

How to Update Pokemon Go 0.69.0 APK in Nox App Player

Updated: Pokemon Go for Mac

Kindly follow the below given simple steps to update Pokemon Go latest APK in Nox App Player

    1. Firstly, make sure that you neither have the older version of Pokemon Go in your Nox or you don’t have the older version of Nox App Player. And if you have them, please uninstall them right now!
    2. Now that you have nothing to play with, download the Nox App Player latest version or Bluestacks.
    3. Once you download and install this latest version of Android emulator, you need to look for Pokemon Go 0.69.0 APK from the browser.
    4. If you find it hard to download the APK file of Pokemon Go game, you can download it from this post.
    5. Now when the installation of Pokemon Go latest APK is completed, you need to open the Nox App Player’s home page and then see if the Pokemon Go icon is on the home page or not.

Download Official Nox App Player Here

I am sure that by following these steps, you are sure to enjoy the latest version of Pokemon Go APK on your Nox App Player.

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If you face any kind of problems, let us know via the comment section below! We will try to solve the issue by consulting some gaming experts or the official website. We will also update few more tutorials on Pokemon Go problems faced by the players while playing the game on Nox App Player.

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    • The keys to the north and south work normally, but the right and left are giving big jumps, even with the lower speed. How to fix this? Already I uninstalled and installed all over again, and still does not solve the problem.

      • if you mean on pokemon go u can just use q(slower) or e(faster) to move faster or slower and you can check how fast you go by pressing the simulate touch button from touchline

  • When I press the pokeshop the photo is become black, and when i catch the staryu it displays as black shadow too, Please fix the problem. I am using the latest version of nox player on window 7.

  • I have a problem. The keys to the north and south work normally, but the right and left are giving big jumps, even with the lower speed. How to fix this?

  • When walking east and west my character wants to run as fast as driving, tried fixing by switching buttons and layout, still does same thing. Cant walk to hatch 🙁

  • the app was running ok, until i updated to 0.33, since then i keep getting the no location found, I have the root option on.

  • someone please help me
    when i play pokemon , there’s no pokestop and pokemon
    it’s happen when i install the new nox and new update pokemon , please help

  • I updated the pokemon version, but it keeps telling me that theres no location and GPS signal found, so what should i do? by the way i have the root option on.

  • ‘Your device isnt compatible with this version’

    This is what the nox app player (on my windows 7 pc) says when I want to download the newest version of pokemon go (the app forced me to download if I wanted to continue playing). I uninstalled the older version of nox, downloaded the latest on today but it still wont work. How do i fix this

  • Avira anti virus has quarantained the installer file because it contains the pattern of “PUA/InstallCore.Gen (Cloud)”. Also the file name as I can see in the URL, should be nox_setup_v3.7.1.0_full_En.exe but it actually gives me nox-app-player.exe to download. Does this happen for anyone else? Previous installers all actually had a fully written out name for the .exe

  • Hello,

    after new update sometimes i cant move with wasd after it worked some minutes. And sometimes i had whitescreen when i click on a wild pokemon.

    The bigger problem is the think with cant move. After closing app sometimes i can go some meters again and then again the problem :/

    I hope you can help me. Good support.

  • incredible response from pokemon go.. how to fix it.. maybe got a banned..? i’ll try to open 1 day left, but still same..

  • I am receiving the black picture in the pokestops and the pokemon run away after just 1 catch. Am I soft banned or is there something wrong?

  • Did Niantic finally stop Pokemon Go on Nox? Every time I log in day by day it keeps giving the busy server screen.

  • Had the same issue with my avatar making big jumps when i tired to move using the wasd keys. To solve this, I clicked on the simulator touch icon on the left menu strip and then using the GPS option, i used the “q” key to change the speed associated with the keys, and reduced it to 2km. Works perfectly now :). Hopefully this helps.

    • Go to Control Panel >> Uninstall Program >>> Tap on Nox App Player >>> Click on UnInstall. If this doesn’t work, you can remove all the files related to Nox App Player from your system drive. This would do the work.

      And as you know that Nox isn’t supporting Pokemon Go anymore, you can give a try to Bluestacks Android Emulator to play the game. Not sure whether it’s working or not but it is working for many and not working for few!

        • Not only Nox but most of the emulators aren’t working with Pokemon Go game. This is the only game which isn’t working. You can play all other games smoothly.

          Note: Nox not supporting Pokemon Go might be just for few days. As soon as new version of Nox is released or any update from Pokemon Go developers, the issue might be fixed. So stay tuned to our blog for more updates!

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